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The Local Energy North West Hub provides public sector institutions with support to help them develop sound propositions that can reduce both energy bills and carbon emissions.

The team works flexibly to help organisations better understand the business case for their project proposals and any funding and finance that may be available.

The team can direct organisations to private, public and community finance to enable the delivery of schemes. The team will support others to understand Energy as a Service, Invest to Save and Energy Performance Contracts.

The team works with a growing network of organisations across the region and beyond that are seeking to advance the clean growth agenda.

Follow this link for a video explaining the aims and objectives of a typical local energy project:


Project support is allocated to selected schemes that best align with the goals of the programme.

Please contact us with a brief summary of your project proposal. We will endeavour to respond to all enquires but must prioritise activities that are most likely to identify a viable opportunity.

Projects will ideally:

  • Involve public or community sector institutions, including as a supporter of a private sector investment
  • Be led by teams that have clear objectives and resources to commit to the preparation of detailed business cases
  • Be large in scale; investments over £400k
  • Aggregate smaller projects into larger programmes
  • Have the potential to be duplicated elsewhere
  • Deliver a public good such as carbon savings, health and well-being, resilience
  • Rely on market-ready or nearly market-ready technologies, with scope for these to be integrated in innovative ways

Chipping Community Land Trust: Low Carbon Heat Feasibility Project

North West Energy Hub have granted Chipping Community Land Trust a grant of £40,000 to undertake a feasibility for options to transition the village from Oil based heating to low carbon alternatives.

Ynni Newyyd: Bretton Hall Solar Farm

North West Energy Hub have granted Ynni Newyyd £97,000 towards the development of a 30MW community owned solar array.

Melbreak Community Interest Company: Buttermere hydro

North West Energy Hub have granted Melbreak Community Interest Company £19,700 to undertake a feasibility study for 45kW high head Hydro scheme on Mill beck at Buttermere.

PROSPECTs Foundation: The Solar Meadow

North West Energy Hub have granted PROSPECTs Foundation £15,600 to undertake a feasibility study for a 2MW ground mounted array on a 3.5 hectare parcel of unused land in Oswaldtwistle

Dane Valley Community Energy: Congleton Hydro

North West Energy Hub have granted Dane Valley Community Energy £72,000 towards the build of a community-owned hydro-electric power generation project at Havannah Weir in Congleton.